January 25, 2010


In the midst of a thousand noble things we sometimes pursue only the echo of some trivial lost emotion.
Will my heart rest for eternity beneath the vineyard’s shadow, near the rough, unfinished table, in the sight of the splendor of the sea?

Escolios a un Texto Implícito: Selección, p. 47

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  1. This was a difficult aphorism to translate because it displays the more florid side of Gómez Dávila's style, which is on display more often in Notas and Textos I than it is in the Escolios, where the style is usually more sober. The original Spanish is:

    Al través de mil nobles cosas perseguimos a veces solamente el eco de alguna trivial emoción perdida.
    ¿Morará mi corazón eternamente bajo la sombra de la viña, cerca a la tosca mesa, frente al esplendor del mar?