August 26, 2010


If we could demonstrate the existence of God, everything would eventually be subjected to the sovereignty of man.

Escolios a un Texto Implícito: Selección, p. 290


  1. I have to add here that I highly doubt this aphorism can be construed to be compatible with (what I understand to be) established Catholic teaching that the existence of God is not merely a matter of faith, but can indeed be known by man.

    This is perhaps the clearest example of what I have characterized elsewhere as the "fideistic trend in Gómez Dávila's thought."

  2. OTOH:

    "The philosopher does not demonstrate; he shows.
    He says nothing to someone who does not see."

  3. Timon,

    You're probably correct to read those two aphorisms together, but I'm still uneasy about this one, at least the way it is formulated.

  4. The original Spanish is:

    Si pudiéramos demostrar la existencia de Dios, todo se habría sometido al fin a la soberanía del hombre.