October 6, 2010


The pure reactionary is not a dreamer of abolished pasts, but a hunter of sacred shades on the eternal hills.

Escolios a un Texto Implícito: Selección, p. 324


  1. The original Spanish is:

    El reaccionario neto no es soñador de pasados abolidos, sino cazador de sombras sagradas sobre las colinas eternas.

  2. This aphorism is very similar to the last line of "El reaccionario auténtico," an essay published in 1995, one year after Gómez Dávila's death. Here is the last line in Spanish:

    El reaccionario no es el soñador nostálgico de pasados abolidos, sino el cazador de sombras sagradas sobre las colinas eternas.

    RV Young's translation of this line from the end of "The Authentic Reactionary" is:

    "The reactionary is not a nostalgic dreamer of a canceled past, but rather a hunter of sacred shades upon the eternal hills."

    This aphorism (#1,994) was originally published in 1986 in the first volume of Nuevos Escolios, while "The Authentic Reactionary" was only published after Gómez Dávila's death. However, I am not sure whether Gómez Dávila wrote the aphorism first and later incorporated it into an essay which he left behind at his death, or whether he wrote the essay first and then used it as material for his aphorisms.